Technology Services Industry Association

An industry association representing India’s technology startups, unicorns, and investors. Our objective is to help India’s tech ecosystem become large, maximally innovative, broad based, and globally competitive. We aim to do this via research, policy advocacy, and by facilitating industry collaboration.

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Our Vision

To help build a strong and vibrant home-grown internet ecosystem through a level playing field for Indian entrepreneurs and also fulfill the vision for Start-up India.


India’s economy holds a great promise and potential in terms of growth, wealth and employment creation and needs a vibrant ecosystem of large home-grown internet companies.’s objective is to work with governments, startups, unicorns, investors, and other constituents to help achieve this objective. It is absolutely necessary for India to have a voice for this sector that is destined to become the growth engine of the Indian economy and contribute ...

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Rameesh Kailasam

MEMBERSHIP represents members from across varying sectors and has a four tier membership structure.

Policy Recommendations

Policy framework to regulate crypto in India

Policy framework to regulate crypto in India

Whitepaper recommending regulations for crypto assets and exchanges in India

Decrypting the Crypto World

Decrypting the Crypto World

Whitepaper on market opportunities for India

Online Fantasy Sports

Online Fantasy Sports

Adding value to the Indian sports ecosystem



GST on electric vehicle batteries


Union Budget 2020_Clarifications required for Online Travel Agency transactions


Intermediary Guidelines (Amendment) Rules, 2018




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Making Tech Giants Pay for News

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