CEO’s Message CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message


India’s economy holds a great promise and potential in terms of growth, wealth and employment creation and needs a vibrant ecosystem of large home-grown internet companies.’s objective is to work with governments, startups, unicorns, investors, and other constituents to help achieve this objective. It is absolutely necessary for India to have a voice for this sector that is destined to become the growth engine of the Indian economy and contribute towards attaining its 10 trillion $ dream. This sector has a strong potential to grow and scale many Big Billion ideas emerging from across the socio-economic strata. Backed by the right supportive policy and regulatory mechanism from the government, it can have a transformational impact similar to that internet commerce has had across the world. This sector is well poised to usher the next big revolution in India and a kick start towards the same is already being witnessed.

Internet based startups and unicorns will significantly contribute to expanding the digital economy, promoting programs to foster skilling and technology and encouraging creation of employee-friendly policies. The objective of is to aid Indian internet-enabled technology firms and investors with cutting-edge research, thought partnership, policy advocacy, and promotion of local entrepreneurship, thereby maximizing India’s potential in the internet space.

Rameesh Kailasam