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About Us


IndiaTech.org (Technology Services Industry Association) is an industry association representing India’s consumer internet start-ups, unicorns and investors.


IndiaTech.org serves as a collaborative platform and voice for Indian consumer internet start-ups, unicorns and their investors to support positive business, conducive policy and regulations. IndiaTech.org since its inception has engaged with several Ministries and regulators to enhance ease of doing business, ensure easier access to primary markets and enable avenues for wealth creation for India.


The objective of this industry association is to aid Indian internet companies and investors with cutting-edge research, thought partnership, policy advocacy, and promote local entrepreneurship, thereby maximizing India’s potential in the internet space.

IndiaTech.org works in the following areas:
  • Policy Advocacy

    Policy advocacy with the government to facilitate rapid growth of the industry, ecosystem and investments in India.

  • Attracting Investments

    Helping the sector attract more investments, by connecting companies with investors and vice-versa, and by addressing investor concerns/questions.

  • Promoting Entrepreneurship

    Design and execution of programs, events and forums aimed at promoting entrepreneurship in India.

  • Technology & Economic Research

    Evidence-based advocacy to advance multi-stakeholder interest, and encouraging technology entrepreneurship to develop India specific solutions.

  • Indian Best Practices to go International

    Evolving best practices and learnings from Indian start-up and unicorn ecosystem to accelerate growth of Internet and cutting edge technologies globally.